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Apropos of Nothing - a random pet peeve

So often in books the character will run into a library where the librarian hates letting people use the books.  Said librarian wants the books on the shelves and in the proper order at all times.

Every other month I get a list of books from various sections of the library (I just got one for the 400s) that have not been checked out in 18 months.  My job is to go through these books and decide if I can change their circ history and get them moving or if I should give them up as a lost cause and get them out of my library.  Why do I do this?  Because books that don’t get used have no place in my library.  I just reordered a book that was falling apart - it had 147 circs.  One hundred forty-seven people had taken that book out of the library and read it and some had loved it and some had hated it and maybe some checked it out and never got around to reading it but by golly they planned on reading it!  THIS is what these books are here for!

Librarians in books make me sad.  They need to meet some real live librarians and figure out how to do their job!

  1. friendofdorothywilde said: Did you read the book by Pseudononymous Bosch about the evil librarians?
  2. thewomanofkleenex said: We saw the “It’ll put a rise in your Levis” prison librarian episode of X-Files last night, and I thought of you.
  3. sleepandbooks said: I really liked the librarian in Shades of Grey. Due to circumstances, there were no books left (and I can’t remember but possibly no materials left in the building) but she still cared about all the lost materials and knew all their information.
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  5. slightly said: yes! shirty librarians make absolutely zero sense.
  6. hershapeinthedoorway said: SO TRUE that always drives me crazy!!!!!
  7. kiss-distinctly-american said: Slowclap.gif This always annoys me and I’m not even a librarian!
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