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sometimes on tumblr I want to say something like, “PIPPA IS A LITTLE SCAMP AND I LOVE HER SO VERY VERY MUCH!” But then I don’t because I am afraid that y’all will think I don’t love Kins as much when the truth is that I love both girls more than the whole entire world but y’all? Right now Pips is looking up and grinning at me in this way that just spells trouble and it’s enough to make my heart explode.

Basically I only gush on tumblr about how great these girls are, like, half as much as I want to because I’m afraid y’all will judge me. So you’re welcome.

  1. mar-see-ah said: TEAM PIPPA.
  2. shutupandbuckleupisback said: Are you telling me we’re missing out on more Piratots posts? HOW DARE YOU YOU CRUEL WOMAN.
  3. whineandbeer said: Never apologize for your Piratot posts! We love to read about your love.
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