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Warning: Sappy mom stuff and kids being themselves stuff.

Ok, so, lately Kaylee has been refusing to wear most of her superhero shirts to school (the ones with male superheros on them) because the other girls tease her that only boys like superheroes.  I’ve been giving her hugs and love, talking to her about being her own person, but also agreeing with her that it’s not very nice to get teased and she should wear what she wants and if the teasing is making her not want to wear her superhero shirts then by all means, don’t wear them.

Today she came upstairs while I was brushing my teeth so I didn’t turn my head to look at her but she was telling me all about her (female) friend S who thinks boys can be cool too.  I agreed that yes, boys can be cool.  Then she said, “and girls can be cool!”  I nodded and toothpaste-mouthed that of course girls can be cool too!  “So why can’t girls be cool if they like boy things?”  At this I spat out my toothpaste and said that girls could be cool no matter what they like.

Then I turned to her and she was wearing her androids on a skateboard shirt.  She said, “S is the only one who doesn’t tease me when I wear superhero shirts.  I wore my favorite ones this weekend but I’ve decided that I am going to wear them if I want to wear them.”

So anyway - the point of this is that it only takes one person being a friend to make everything better.

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