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Today in neuroses

So I just realized that next Wednesday, when written in chronological order, is 12/11/21.  It’s a mother-effing palindrome day!  And I wanted to queue a post that says something along the lines of “12/11/21!  Mother-effing-palendrome day, biz-natches!”

Knowing the world, though, that queued post would probably come through right while we’re in the middle of mourning some sort of terrible tragedy or I’ll be in a coma and I’m still posting profanity about what day it is (but it’s only special if you write it out in a weird way that I don’t think anyone in the world actually uses) and that would just make everyone think that I was a big ole faker who wasn’t actually in a coma.

So this is to say that I am not queuing a post for 12:21 am on 12/11/21 just to crow about the palindromic nature of the day.  You’re welcome.

(Side note: spell check knows that Palindromic is a word!  Heck mother-effing YES!)

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