November 14, 2012   67 notes   

Horrible parent chronicles.

So the girl’s bedtime is 8:00.  As we were herding the girls into bed just now, Kaylee looked at the clock and gasped.  ”It is SO FAR past my bedtime!  Thank you for letting me stay up so late!”

Since it was 8:05, I just smiled and said, “you’re welcome.”

"Daddy, daddy!  Thank you for letting us stay up until THIRTEEN O’CLOCK!"

Brandon and I both looked at the oven where the timer was counting down to our “after the kids are in bed” snack … and Brandon said, “you’re welcome.”

"Pippa!  Mommy and Daddy let us stay up until THIRTEEN O’CLOCK!"

At this point Pippa runs into the kitchen, sees the 13 on the timer, and says “OH MY! Mommy and Daddy are THE BEST!”

"Yes, they are!  The BEST!  Thank you thank you thank you!"

So … are we the worst for letting them thank us so profusely?

  1. emellebea said: Nope! It will be a fantastic story to tell when they’re older.
  2. saraplainandtall said: Take the thanks where you can get em!