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cats-books-donuts said: Can I pick your children's librarian brain? My SIL informed me yesterday that my twin niece and nephew who are almost six and in kindergarten are learning to read and really loving it. She requested I get them books for Christmas. Do you have any suggestions??

Oh my goodness, do I ever! My favorite suggestion for little readers is anything in the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems. I think my favorite is My Friend is Sad or maybe I am invited to a Party.

If they’re super new to reading, I also really love Usborne’s Very First Reading set. Kaylee’s first ever book that she read was Pirate Pat so I’ll always be partial to these books.

Slightly more mature readers (been reading on their own for a few months?) might like Benny and Penny. Adorable mice who have fun.

If they are very much not into reading, though, don’t hesitate to get some sort of popular character books. Dora, Thomas, Diego, Transformers, Pinkalicious, whatever. When Kaylee’s reading the books I think are good for her, she’s good but not enthusiatic. When I let her pick out any book she wanted from the level one easy reader section, she comes back with books like this this that use words like “exquisite” and she doesn’t stumblr one bit. If one of the "boring but good for you" books used exquisite, she wouldn’t feel like stumbling through it.

I hope this helps! And anyone else out there? I love giving book recommendations for the kids in your life! Tell me what they like and I’d love to help you pick out holiday presents. Or, heck, birthday presents, first tooth lost presents, tuesday presents. Every day is a book-giving holiday in Librarian Pirate Land!

  1. squattoes said: Thank you for this! I have a niece & nephew (twins) this age and their big bro is a reluctant reader so I do everything I can to get ‘em more books than they can stand. GO, LP!
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  3. lenorebeadsman said: I have a question! 4th and 5th grade boys, advanced readers (younger one just finished the hunger games series), prefer nonfiction, especially military/technology. Hoping to get them some fiction. Plus a 2nd grade girl, reads at GL, not a big reader
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