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aclikeslater said: Hi! I was wondering what you would recommend for a second grade boy. His mom says he's into chapter books. He especially likes funny books. Also, he loves basketball, so anything you might know of that includes that would be wonderful. Thanks! Happy holidays!

Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read series has a book called Funny Business that I tend to recommend to boys because it’s short stories from popular authors who cater to boy books so boys can find authors they love and then read everything that author has written.

Speaking of Scieszka, his Time Warp Trio is a lot like the magic tree house but minus the historical realness and plus a lot more funny. When the time warp trio goes back to King Arthur’s time, they come up against a farting dragon and a belching ogre.

If he’s a fan of realistic, normal life funny books check out EllRay Jakes. In his First Book he’s getting bullied and he learns to make peace. I am obviously partial to his third book and it’s pirate themes.

If he likes graphic novels, maybe try Squish by Holm? It’s an adorable series about an amoeba and his life. So cute, super fun, totally relatable, very funny.

The From the Black Lagoon series is super popular with that group of kids. I’m not a huge fan of it but I think I have a case of “reading with an adult brain” on this one. Kids LOVE them. LOVE them!


I think Guys Read is way above his level though probably! That’s more like middle grade! At least Funny Business is, I think!

honestly I haven’t read all of it myself. I know second graders do pick them up all the time and Amazon says it’s for 3rd grade and up but School Library Journal says 5th grade and I trust SLJ more than Amazon. So not Funny Business!

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