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  1. kimberlyraye said: I am ridiculously and uncomfortably excited for this movie and watch the trailers way too many times a week.
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    My screening will be a sing-a-long. I HAVE DECREED IT. Try and stop me. I also support all public sing-a-longs, although...
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    I WANT TO REENACT LES MIS SCENES IN COFFEE SHOPS AND LIBRARIES wait you probably meant people in the same area as you,...
  4. sotheresthat said: Love it. Can’t wait to reenact scenes wherever I go.
  5. thewomanofkleenex said: I don’t do public singing, but I do bars, coffee shops, and most other places with assorted beverages.
  6. fridaphile said: Yesssss Eponine
  7. mar-see-ah said: That was exactly my favorite part of day 1 too!!!!!
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