December 7, 2012   38 notes   

Oh em gee

There were two salvation army bell ringers across the corner from each other and they were not ringing their bells in time to each other and then the downtown trolley clanged by and added itself to the cacophony and I kinda wanted to scream that this was NOT in the holiday spirit and don’t they know I have a migraine?

But instead I rant to tumblr.

  1. khealywu said: Heart.
  2. mar-see-ah said: I always want to tell them, “NO MONEY FOR YOU UNTIL YOU STOP PROSELYTIZING AND START RESPECTING GAY RIGHTS.” But I never have the guts.
  3. archivalintegrity said: Pretty much anytime I get irritated at someone, I judge whether or not I think tumblr would be entertained or bored at my rage. There’s been many a rant I’ve given up on after I realized that no one else would care.
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