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The Planned Parenthood next to my grocery store is being picketed by Men who had their Fatherhood Stolen.

Can I get a collective UGH from tumblr? Because UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH.

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    I’m sorry. Apparently I’m not much of a “woman” for thinking this, but this REALLY pisses me off! Yes, those men aren’t...
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  4. notjanebond said: For realz. FOR REALZ!
  5. thewomanofkleenex said: There should be a counter protest by women who had their faith in humanity stolen.
  6. nicemarmot47 said: Good thing they had their fatherhood stolen. Otherwise how would they find the time to picket women getting pap smears?
  7. annaverity said: LOLZ FOR DAYZ
  8. ladyfabulous said: UGH.
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    We get these folks at the clinic all the time. I enjoy telling them they can’t stand under our awning when its...
  10. zoearcher said: Blaaaaargh.
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