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Darien Library asked “My niece as well. She is only 3 months old so I am looking for books she can grow into. I always ask for books that feature a positive feminist message for a biracial baby but in truth I would also just love funny books about taco dinosaurs or what have you.”

Oh! Oh! The Hello Goodbye Window by Norton Juster won the Caldecott a while ago and is lovely. It’s about the love between a girl and her grandparents and while it isn’t explicitly about being biracial, the grandmother is black and the grandfather is white.

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match is about a bilingual, Peruvian-Scottish-American-soccer-playing artist girl who kicks so much tail it isn’t even funny. I love Marisol.

And since this IS a list for a baby, Woah, Baby, Woah is just a simple story about a baby who is getting into everything. The multiracial family around the baby keeps saying, “Woah, baby! Woah!” Super cute.

As for taco dinosaurs, tragically I didn’t find any but I am a big fan of Dinosaur Vs Bedtime by Shea. The dinosaur does eat A BOWL OF SPAGHETTI! Also, the Christmas tie-in - Dinosaur vs Santa is one of my favorite picture book Christmas tie ins.

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