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Anonymous said: Hi LP! May I please pick your awesome brain for some book recs for my 14 yo brother-in-law? He doesn't read much besides manga. He's in an angsty, rebellion stage. He's into video games, anime and is a really bright and sensitive kid. I'm hoping to find him some books that'll be helpful in navigating that phase of adolescence and maybe even spark his interest in reading. Thank you so much & Happy Holidays !

I’m not going to recommend any Manga, not because I disapprove (read what you like! All reading is reading) but because if that’s all he reads, he probably already has all the stuff he’d be most interested in? So here’s some more ideas.

It’s an adult book with major teen appeal. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In society that is obsessed with the 80s and video games, 5 teens band together to win this awesome contest. I love this book.

Okay for Now by Schmidt is technically a sequel to the Wednesday Wars but WW is not even close to necessary. OFN is about the bully from WW who moves away and starts a new life and learns to stand up for himself and hone his artistic talents. Super touching. Set during the Vietman War - (slight spoiler) his brother comes home from the war seriously injured a quarter of the way through. This book really is one of the more perfect books I can think of.

It’s hard enough being a teenager and even harder when your dad is the most powerful superhero on the planet but what is Mark to do when he starts inheriting his father’s powers? He might really like Invincible by Kirkman.

  1. annaverity said: Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe. Japanese YA novel, has a similar feel to manga but is a full-length novel, heavily influenced by video games.
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