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Anonymous said: re: your last ask--Maybe something with alternative style or mixed media, too? Like Brian Selznik's stuff (though that might run a little young) or something interactive? I'm thinking along the lines of choose your own adventure, but most of those are outdated, though I'm sure there's something creative out there that would have similar appeal.

This is a good idea but everything I’m finding is either Super Girly or Probably too young. If anyone knows any good interactive type fiction for teenagers, that’d be great! There was some web-linked fiction a few years ago (go online and get clues type stuff) but the ones I am thinking of are 5 years old and I don’t trust any of those links to still work.

  1. far-to-fall said: There are some great interactive teen book apps, such as Chopsticks.
  2. sleepandbooks said: I haven’t read this but I did add it to my goodreads tbr list.…
  3. ehbeesea3 said: The 39 Clues site is still live, if that’s what you mean. Mysteries in general might have some interesting options? They’re not necessarily interactive in fancy tech ways, but the thought process in a good one is similar.
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