December 21, 2012   19 notes   

I have a talent for taking songs and morphing the lyrics into library related stuff. I was sharing my library closing time related rendition of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables with my coworers and friend A (who is working with me this weekend Can I get two enthusastic thumbs down for working this weekend?) said that this was the weekend for librarying up Christmas Carols. Here is my off the cuff preview.

Away in a library no books have been chosen
The whole of the city feels like it is frozen!
I want an adventure book with sparkles of magic
I don’t want to read a book with parts that are tragic!
Advise me, librarian, give me a good book
With which to curl up in that cute little nook.

  1. laurenslargecloset said: I’m working through Christmas Eve-at like the only library open on LI Christmas Eve. and Sunday I’m on until 9pm….le sigh lol. Happy holidays and best of luck making it through the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
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