January 5, 2013   19 notes   


I think I got the deathplague from the internet. ¬†Everyone here in Chicagoland has some sort of stomach bug but I’ve got the coughing, the wracking chest pain, the joint aching, the skin sensitivity (after my shower just now I had to put my hair up because it kept TOUCHING MY SKIN and that hurt). ¬†I think I’m going to go curl up and die.

  1. khealywu said: I think I’m getting sick tooooo nooooooooo
  2. ackb said: I’m so sorry.
  3. apatosaurus said: Get well soon!
  4. lizzletini said: Don’t die! Get well soon! (If you do die, I promise to take care of the piratots if you’re ok with sending them to Indiana.)
  5. trackster said: P has that. It’s horrible. I’m desperately trying to avoid.
  6. curiousgeorgiana said: I’m seriously starting to wonder if we’ve developed the ability to spread illness via computer.
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