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jakke said: Have you ever gone to a political protest type event and if so how was it? Also, how do you feel about YA steampunk? Also, what are your thoughts on mustaches?

The college I went to had weekly peace protests back in 2002-2004 that I went to faithfully but honestly it was just a bunch of college kids with lit candles shivering in the cold for an hour a week - it wasn’t big and it wasn’t exciting.  Truth be told big crowds make me nervous so I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything much more than that but who knows.

Steampunk can be a lot of fun when done right and a big pile of poop when done wrong.  I love that it takes an era that can be really fun (bustles!  Monocles!  top hats!) and completely rewrites it so you can imagine what that world would be without the racism and homophobia and classism and sexism that permeated real Victorian society and then you add in lots of air travel and clockwork robots and you’ve got a recipe for fun.  Often, though, authors forget that when they rewrite history they actually get to REWRITE HISTORY and they still have all straight white boring casts and ugh - who wants to read that?  

Mustaches are fine.  I don’t have strong feelings about facial hair?  I think I’d prefer not to be kissing someone with lots of it but I don’t mind looking at them?  This is the wishy washiest answer ever - I just can’t get worked up about mustaches   Grow one of you want, shave one off it you want (you being the world - I doubt you, Jakke, specifically, want my permission to grow a mustache   But if you do want it then you very much have it), whatever.

Actually - I take that back.  It annoys me that mustaches continue to be spelled mustaches and are never spelled moustaches.  It’s like forty.  No matter how often I hope they’ll change it, it’s never spelled fourty.

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