January 22, 2013   43 notes   

OH OH OH OH OH CAN I TELL YOU ALL A STORY?  Remember when Kaylee told us that her friends told her that Mamma Mia was a bad word in Spanish that was “as bad as the s word?”  Well the next day it came up again and we asked her if she even knows what the s word is and she said YES SHE DOES IT’S (whispered) “stupid” and ok then and so we asked her if she knows any other bad words and she said YES SHE DOES SHE KNOWS (whispered) “friggin.”  ”Friggin?”  We said.  ”Yes.  Friggin.  Like you are stupid and friggin.”  ”Well ok then.  You’re right.  You probably shouldn’t say that.”

  1. ambienne said: when I was her age, someone told me what the “f word” was, but I thought they said “flunk” instead, and I thought that I couldn’t say that for a really long time.
  2. itonlylookslikeimincharge said: Bahaha! Kids are awesome.
  3. trackster said: Meanwhile my 16 month old dropped something and said “oh shit” this morning. Mom of the year right here!
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