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Dudes, we really need to bring back the word “ere” - add it to the list of words we don’t use enough, along with fortnight.  It’s so much more evocative than “before” - and so much less clunky.  I’m listening to the Fellowship of the Ring audiobook and after Gandolf falls to the Balrog, (SPOILER ALERT) Gimli says, “Now long shall I journey ere I have joy again” - how much less awesome a quote would that have been if he had said, “now long shall I journey before I have joy again?”

  1. thecommonlibrarian said: I always forget that Americans don’t use fortnight like we do here in Europe! Get on it! (And I totally agree with you about ‘ere’. Good call.)
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  3. 14rugger said: It shows up a lot in crossword puzzles!
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