January 28, 2013   11 notes   

Three books that I am shocked didn’t get Newberies:
Crow by Barbara Wright
Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead
Wonder by R J Palacio
I’m not judging the award - I love love LOVED The One and Only Ivan and I haven’t read the others but there wasn’t room for Crow? I’m shocked Crow didn’t even get a Coretta Scott King award. I mean - I know the CSK Author award tends to go for nonfiction but not always and oh my goodness Crow was amazing. And Wonder didn’t even get a Schneider award!

Oh my! I’m also just now noticing that The Fault in our Stars only won an Odyssey award (for audiobook) and not a Printz! I haven’t read any of the Printz award winners so there’s no judgement from me on that one but that’s really surprising.

All in all glancing through these awards I’m going to just call them surprising.  But having read so few of the winners I don’t want to call them bad?  But I do have my reading list made up for me!

  1. annaverity said: I’ll be honest: I am in no way sad to see TFiOS make way for other books to get honors and awards.
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