January 29, 2013   20 notes   

Yesterday I did two back to back storytimes and I did Boots at both of them (which involves a TON of dancing around) and during the second storytime right during that last splish splash bit I did something to my knee and today I can barely walk.  My coworker called it “[LP]’s old storytime wound” and it is cracking me up everytime I try and walk. 

"Why are you limping, LP?" 

"Oh, it’s just an injury I picked up while pretending I was jumping in puddles with 20 4 year olds." 

"Well then."

  1. themugglelibrarian said: Laurie Berkner is the queen of all queens at my house! Who needs to go to the gym when you’ve got Boots and My Energy to dance to all day??
  2. lizzletini said: You couldn’t have acquired an injury for a much nobler cause… Short of sending you to a military deployment in a combat zone.
  3. lorettalove said: LAURIE BERKNER
  4. mar-see-ah said: take advil!
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