February 1, 2013   45 notes   

Ew ew ew it’s time for a game of “Three year old or drunk frat guy?”

What kind of sleeping person sits up, throws up, lies down in the vomit and never wakes up!

She’s so lucky I went in to check on her.

  1. thecommonlibrarian said: My three year old nephew did this when he was staying with me before Christmas. I lifted him out of bed (more throwing up) and into the bathroom, where he threw up again. He only woke when I started to wash him. Kids. Hope your kiddo’s OK. :(
  2. mar-see-ah said: I remember doing this at some point when you and I were living in the same room. So post-4.
  3. pandamans said: Da fug? I hope you’re talking about a cat.
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