February 3, 2013   54 notes   

I turned on Animal Planet to pregame for The Puppy Bowl because in my house a vomit day is an unlimited screen time day

Oh my goodness, my children do NOT understand TV.  I had to pull out the “when I was a kid, TV was on when it was on and that was that no I will not pause the puppies just because you’re not downstairs yet.”

ETA Oh em gee the first commercial just came on and they don’t get it.  ”You said this was a show about puppies.  Why is it a show about cereal now?  And Applebees?  Why are there no puppies just cereal and Applebees?”

  1. heylabodega said: omg so weird.
  2. bechase said: hahaha never considered the effect Netflix would have on the younger gens, pretty bizarre and funny!
  3. thewomanofkleenex said: Whoa. Maybe today is a crash course in media literacy?
  4. thekidhasarrived said: We have the same issue with the tv. We don’t have cable, just netflix, so the kid is always super confused and annoyed when he sees cable tv. “Don’t wanna watch this, wanna pick something else” etc. Kids today.
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