February 4, 2013   34 notes   

And the gold medal for synchronized puking goes to…

The American team! Kaylee and Pippa! Notice how Pippa did her trademark sleep vomit. Sleeping through something like that takes dedication.

Do you think Kaylee joined in from illness or because the unbelievable stench in her room was enough to turn any stomach? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure. These two girls have sure earned their Pedialyte.

  1. ackb said: This is like my worst nightmare. Are you okay?
  2. thewomanofkleenex said: I have no idea how you sleep through puking. That is just blowing my mind.
  3. apatosaurus said: Hug
  4. natashainlibraryland said: it is all a curious set of tales. poor little ones!
  5. mar-see-ah said: Ewwww
  6. ipomoeaj said: Godspeed to you and B. when they are cleaned up you deserve wine.
  7. rouxfully said: I managed to puke onto an omelette the other morning. Sometimes it is SNEAKY.
  8. heyhope said: Oh goodness. Fortitude and grace be yours.
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