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ZOMG I just typed up this epic ICP* story and Tumblr ate it.  So I have to type it up again.
*Dudes, that name is LONG so I’ll abreviate because I can.

One summer when I was home from college my friends and I went to Denny’s at some ridiculous time of night (because that’s where you go in a small time at some ridiculous time of night).  D half pointed to a table across the dining room from us.  “DUDES!  I think that’s the INSANE CLOWN POSSE!”  Those of us who even knew who they were didn’t believe him but D (eternal fanboy that he is) said, “no!  They had a concert in town some time this weekend - probably tonight.  They aren’t wearing their make-up, but I’d know them anywhere!”

The table next to us (full of high school/college boys) had noticed as well and and was giggling and pointing and staring.  After awhile one of the guys from ICP turned to that table and said, “So, are you just going to stare all night or what?”  The boys (we could hear perfectly, being caught in the middle) started whispering furiously to each other.  “What did he say?” “Did he say ‘Are you STEPPIN’ or what?’”  “He did!” “ICP wants to start a FIGHT!”  Then they started yelling across Denny’s at ICP about how they were gonna fight them and they’d meet them in the parking lot etc.  The ICP guys were rolling their eyes and mostly ignoring it.  The manager got called, the d-bags got kicked out, but true to their word they started hanging out in the parking lot.  (Just before here my group was about ready to leave but we had to stick around to see what happened!)  Eventually the cops got called and the boys got carted off in a cop car.  ICP just ate their food and laughed and laughed.

The moral of this story?  ICP fans are d-bags.

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