June 17, 2013   50 notes   

So I was kinda worried about the purple dipped hair for summer when working with kids thing but all morning kids have been squeeling and telling me how much they love love LOVE my purple hair.  Also my boss loves it.  Worries: unfounded.

  1. ehbeesea3 said: I’m considering a funky hair color since I’m making my own job instead of looking for one. How did you do yours?
  2. girlwithalessonplan said: About 3 years ago I had purple/pinky peekaboos. HS kids loved it.
  3. mar-see-ah said: PLS TEXT LIZZIE AND I A PIC RIGHT NOW
  4. bedbugsbiting said: Trufax: Children LOVE purple hair. If they don’t, they are weird.
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