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Kindle eBooks Now Available At Public Libraries


Finally! I’ve just downloaded 2 borrowed books — onto my iPhone Kindle app! One’s by Neal Stephenson and the other by William Gibson. Perfect! Now if only the selection would increase by 10,000 books….

Speaking strictly as one of the three downloadable book support staff at my library, this made me cry.

Really?  I’m beyond excited!  I mean - I’m one of 10ish who specialize in overdrive but my library is pretty big!  Also the rumour is (from my coworkers who have dealt with Kindles today) that Kindle downloading is super super easy.  And I’m a huge fan of that!

But OP, Overdrive has been available for the iPhone for ages!  There’s an Overdrive app in the app store and everything. 

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More on the Harper Collins/Overdrive Kerfuffle

I don’t know who of you is following the Harper Collins/Overdrive story but both Harper Collins and Overdrive have weighed in on their side of the stories. For the record - I’m not mad at Overdrive. It seems like Harper Collins told them it was their way or the highway and Overdrive decided to let libraries decide if they wanted to put up with HC’s poop. And HC is full of poop but what does that mean? Should we stop buying their books and punish the authors and editors who make their living through Harper Collins? Should we deprive patrons of the books published by Harper Collins? Do we give in to Harper Collins’ demands? I don’t know and I have something long and posty brewing but it isn’t ready yet.

For now let me just say that the fact that the fact that Harper Collins has named their blog “Library Love Fest” angers me greatly. Also? I understand the need to keep your products viable blah blah blah but 26 circs? TWENTY SIX CIRCS? If I only get 26 circs out of a book, that sucks. Most books get 80-100 before they fall apart so comparing 26 circs to what would happen with regular print books is bollocks.